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Congratulations to Dr. Thure Cerling!


The 2017 Geological Society of America's President's Medal Receipient.  For more information see here.


Old Faithful's Geological Heart Revealed

Old Faithful


Human Activity - Racing Included - is Shrinking the Salt Flats!

Brenda on the flats

An ongoing study by Dr. Brenda Bowen is determining why and how the Salt Flats are thining.  For more information see here.

How Sea Water Strengthens Ancient Roman Concrete

Roman Wall

 New study by Dr. Marie Jackson reveals why ancient Roman concrete still stands after 2,000 years. For more information see here.

Tracing the Ivory - How the Bomb Helps Save the Elephants


Dr. Thure Cerling and his research group come up with a new way to look at elephant ivory age by checking its carbon-14. 

For more information see here.


Regional AAPG Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Competition 2017

IBA 2017


New Tool for Tracking Wild Salmon Developed by U of U Geology Faculty

Dr.  Thure Cerling and Dr. Diego Fernandez author paper published in May 2015 issue of Science Advances journal unveiling new method of tracking wild salmon using strontium isotope analysis of the fish's inner ear drum.  For more information see here.


Scientists See Deeper into Yellowstone Magma

A new study by Drs.  Fan-Chi Lin, Hsin Hua Huang, Robert Smith and Jamie Farrell, determine that the reservoir of magma beneath the Yellowstone super volcano is 4.4 times larger and shallower than that previously known.  For more information see here.


U Geologist Studies Talking Arches


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The Geological Society of America Announces Marjorie A. Chan as 2014 Distinguished International Lecturer


Marjorie A. Chan is GSA’s 2014 Distinguished International Lecturer and is a professor of geology at the U. Her research topics have spanned the geologic time scale from the Precambrian to the Pleistocene. Her recent projects connect geology and planetary science to better understand and interpret the red planet Mars. The GSA International Lecture Tour is made possible through a gift to the GSA Foundation. Co-sponsorship of Professor Chan’s lectureship is through the generous support of the University of Utah.

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