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Guy F. Atkinson Distinguished Lecture Series



Frederick Albert Sutton Building

115 South 1460 East Room 295 

Salt Lake City, UT



All lectures are held on Thursdays at 4:00 pm with a meet the speaker at 3:30 pm in the 2nd floor Confluence lobby. 

Day Date Speaker Title and Affiliation
TH 9/1/16 Paul Brooks

"What happens to the rain? Connecting climate change to water supply in western North America"

University of Utah

TH 9/8/16 Marie Jackson

"Hydrothermal Rock-Fluid Interactions in 15-year-old Submarine Basaltic Tuff at Surtsey Volcano, Iceland"

University of Utah

TH 9/15/16 Ron Harris

"Australia Downunder: Tectonic Myth Busting in the Active Banda Arc-Continent Collision, Indonesia Region"

Brigham Young University

TH 9/22/16 Kevin Ward

"Seismic Imaging of the Central Andean Plateau: Magma Reservoirs and Isostatic Contributions to Modern Topography"

University of Utah



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