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Guy F. Atkinson Distinguished Lecture Series



Frederick Albert Sutton Building

115 South 1460 East Room 295 

Salt Lake City, UT



All lectures are held on Thursdays at 4:00 pm with a meet the speaker at 3:30 pm in the 2nd floor Confluence lobby. 

Day Date Speaker Title and Affiliation
TH 1/12/2017 Dr. TJ Ulrich

"This Old Rock: The Story of the Quirky Elastic Behaviorof Berea Sandstone"

Los Alamos National Laboratory

TH 1/19/2017 GG Grad Students


Student Thesis Research Reviews

TH 1/26/2017 Dr. John Bartley

"The Metamorphic Heat Goes Where the Water Flows: The Strange  Case of the Alta Stock"

University of Utah - Geology & Geophysics

TH 2/2/2017 Dr. Tammy Rittenour

"Investigations of Climate and Geomorphic Drivers of Arroyo Dynamics, Grand Staircase Southern Utah"

Utah State University - Dept. of Geology

TH 2/9/2017

Dr. Paul W. Jewel

Dr. William P. Johnson

"Is the Great Salt Lake Still Great?   21st Century Management  and Science Issues"

University of Utah - Geology & Geophysics

TH 2/16/2017 Dr. W. Steven Holbrook

"Water, Weathering and Fractures: A Geophysical Perspective on Porosity in Earth's Critical  Zone"

University of Wyoming - Geology & Geophysics

TH 2/23/2017  Dr. Sarah Lambert

"What is the Mantle Made of? Quantifying the Thermal and Lithographical Heterogeneity"

Cardiff University - School of Earth ad Ocean Sciences

TH 3/2/2017  Dr. Melanie Barboni

"Zircon: the Magmatic Time Capsule"

UCLA - Earth Planetary and Space Sciences

 TH 3/9/2017 Dr. M. Beatrice Magnani

"Long and Short Lived Deformation in the Central US: Discriminating Between Natural and Induced Seismicity in Stable Continental Regions"

Southern Methodist University - Earth Sciences

TH 3/23/2017 Dr. Scott Giorgis

"Paleomagnetic Constraints on the Rate of Pluton Emplacement into the Shallow Crust, Henry Mountains, Utah"

SUNY Genesco - Geological Sciences

TH 3/30/2017 Dr. Glenn Thackery

"New Insights on Late Quaternary Faulting in the Northern Basin and Range from LiDAR Topography and Detailed Geochronology"

Idaho State University - Geosciences

TH 4/6/2017 Dr. Wenrong Cao

"Mass Balance and Transfer in the Sierra Nevada Arc and a Global Compilation of Continental Arc Activity"

University of Nevada, Reno - Geological Sciences

TH 4/13/2017 Dr. Rick Allis

"Utah's Growth Challenges: Perspectives of the State Geologist"

Utah Geological Survey

TH 4/20/2017    


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